August 17 2018
New album release today!
It's a new release! This tends to happen after about this much time!

The Wreckage, The Yield, & A Place I Can Crawl Up From isn't just a mouthful for a title, it's also the new album and it's available as of some point before you ended up reading this!

It's been in the works at various levels of focus for about three years now and here it is. Nine tracks of transitional raucous rock and harmonies. And other sounds too, but let's not get too wordy here. New music, go listen, go buy even!

June 6th 2018
"Junkyard Capital" reading for Artists Entrance
I don't announce scheduled shows on this prestigious middle column, so you know it's something new -- Tuesday, June 19th I got picked to be the featured author for The Artists Entrance event at Southport Hall, so you can come hear me do about 20 or so minutes of readings from my book "The Junkyard Capital" if you got 7pm free.

Yes I know you can just read the book yourself any old time because you've already bought plural copies of it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and numerous eBook formats, though if you did that you wouldn't get to hear me try to do a dozen different voices for the characters and perform in a format I've never really witnessed, let alone tried to do myself.

I might even bring a couple of passages from other books I've been writing and forgetting I've been writing for the past decade or two, who knows. Oh that's right, you'll know if you come out. So do that.

May 21st 2018
1600+ show pictures added
Once upon a time this site had a pictures page that went through several different names, some dumber than others. It eventually got bloated and weirdly categorized, and by eventually I mean within the first two years. When it mutated into its own massive sub-site over the years and I made my thousandth excuse to not update it, it was time to quietly remove the link and hope no one noticed it was gone.

This was good for a few years until the other day when I was in the Stage section looking at setlist pages and realized that the void on the right side of those would be an actually logical place for show pictures to go, particularly since flyer images are already there. A week later, and we've got 600-something MB of images, all ready for you to browse through casually one time and then never think of again. Well, go on then!

April 17 2018
MHOG Podcast Appearance
Is it that time already? I think it must be, cuz I join Kyle and Buck on the MHOG Podcast once again!

March 27 2018
Pale Devil Sun demo!
Pale Devil Sun's demo is up! Never mind that it's semi-altered tracks from earlier releases Flower Of Flesh And Bone and Rain Cabinet, shhh!

Anyway it's what we're playing in that project at this particular moment and you can stream it from its Bandcamp page now whenever you please, just like every bar and club booker we're going to be sending this to for the next few weeks. You can even give us money for it to download it if you like giving money to people like us, unlike some of the bars and club bookers we're going to be sending this to for the next few weeks.

Could a proper band recording be in the future? New songs even? I mean, maybe. Stop reading this and go listen!

March 25 2018
The NOLA Treblemakers' third collection is here!
Enjoy fifteen more tracks of our take on the best music in the world, 1950s and early 60s rock'n'roll and R&B! We even let Ozzie actually play the drums this time.

February 27 2018
The NOLA Treblemakers' third release coming
Call it a demo, call it an album, either way it's more music for you. Today, Ted and I started recording the next batch of 50s and 60s rock'n'roll and R&B for you! And yes, you're looking right there at the spacious galaxy-class studio that all this stuff comes from.

February 13 2018
All music buy / stream links now active
You can now get to all the different stores and stream services that my music releases are on directly from the Music page on this site. This includes all the YouTube streams which, if you've been following my Facebook or Twitter feeds, you know have been up for over a year now because we've been doing a random vault pick every day for about that long now. Anyway, if it's available somewhere, you can get there from here now, pick your favorite.

February 11 2018
Not Real Radio #105!
The Not Real Radio crew get to know Blaine when he's not tripping over his words (or, well, just tripping), we talk up next weekend's show and later on we dig deep into what a "scene" even is and who it's important to.

February 1 2018
Announcing Pale Devil Sun, our new act
"Wait, that sounds dark! Is it--"

Why yes, lovely, all that dark and angry material I used to do like ten years ago and have continued to write through the years that never quite fit with the Rock Show now has a home on stage again.

Expect gothy hard rock and doomy industrial sludge from us who, by the way, are the same players you tend to see playing with the Rock Show as well.

We debut March 24th at Metairie's Babylon, opening for Black Kreole, Breach and Smoke.

January 8 2018
We're somewhere on "Not Real Radio"'s 100th episode
Less a typical episode and more of a rotating door of local Metry characters, me and Rock Show guitarist Blaine jumped on the mic last night at Not Real Radio's 100th show broadcast live from Southport to talk up what we've been working on!

Mark kept feeding me beers the whole night, we went on near the end and it was stupid loud in there, so I'm going to have to listen to all of it for the first time along with y'all.

December 5 2017
NOLATreblemakers.com update
The NOLA Treblemakers' dedicated website just got a major face lift after a few years of neglect and at least one year where I forgot we even had something other than the Facebook page. Ugh, Facebook, gross, right? Not as gross as that mess of a placeholder site that I'd get around to fixing up "real soon now".

Fresh minty 50s green for everyone and a much more organized and logical layout bla bla bla bla it's a website layout, I'm not going to try to make it sound like it's a new game, just way easier to see what you want to see about that band that plays the best music ever written. Check it out and then book us for one of your events based solely on the new layout.

November 17 2017
MHOG Podcast Appearance
I join Kyle and Buck on the MHOG Podcast and things go off the rails in record time!

REWIND to NOV 2017 - SEP 2016


w/ Black Kreole, Misled

w/ Saint Krow, Kane Resurrection, TBA
100-118 LA-3161

no supporting act

other acts TBA

w/ Stache Gordon
7817 W MAIN ST

no supporting act

Oh all right, below you'll find only the most recent stuff that's been completed and released. Looking for the rest too? The menu on the left's your offramp for that.
latest music: Aug 17 2018
The Wreckage, The Yield, & A Place I Can Crawl Up From

The Wreckage, The Yield, And A Place I Can Crawl Up From (2018)
"The Wreckage, The Yield, & A Place I Can Crawl Up From" is 9 tracks of transitional raucous rock and harmonies. And other sounds too, but let's not get too wordy here.
latest side project music release: Mar 25 2018
The NOLA Treblemakers: Always Lookin' For More Treble!

The NOLA Treblemakers: Always Lookin' For More Treble! (2018)
Enjoy fifteen more tracks of our take on the best music in the world, 1950s and early 60s rock'n'roll and R&B -- it's The NOLA Treblemakers' third collection of recordings! We even let Ozzie actually play the drums this time.
latest game release: May 17 2017
Black Lodge 2600 v1.1

Help Agent Cooper escape in this Atari-ish chase game based on the last episode of the Twin Peaks series! Mildly authentic 2600 A/V with authentic 2600 frustration for browsers and PC.
latest novel: Feb 1 2017
The Junkyard Capital

"The Wind In The Willows meets Watergate." A satire about political animals that requires no prior political knowledge (just like real politics). Available in paperback, hardcover and eBook!
latest video: Sep 10 2016
Commentary for the Targeted films

The Targeted project's crew provide commentary over the first three films in the series.
latest film: Apr 25 2016
Jimmy Makton and The Counting Room Three

In this prequel to "The Bounty Hunter And The Butcher", Pinkerton agent Jimmy Makton nearly meets his match when he tracks three robbers to their hideout -- well, that's what he tells the press anyway.

Ugh, fine! Why do you shout so much?

Actually, there's not much that's lamer than someone going on about what they're "gonna do", like your friend who's gonna start writing that novel juuust as soon as the mood is right or whatever excuse feels good this week.

Buuut since you aaasked, here's some projects that have more than just intent actually done on them:
music in progress

The Cowboy takes no guff and is ready to start raising funds for his debut studio recording with his three-piece band.

His song "Sorry" got nine seconds of applause at an open mic in Kenner one night (the Saturday one too, not that Wednesday evening crap), and that's enough for him to start bringing it to the next level.

The Cowboy kinda insists that you start getting all riled up for his debut release which is sure to drop Just About Any Day Real Soon Now.

And back to me, I'm working on a new album of bluesy oily sleazy vaudeville-y numbers, many of them the ones I made and played for burlesque and circus acts over the years. Songs on this one include "Broken Joe", "Cirrhosis", "Pastel Currency", "Glass Medusa", "Narcissus Stomp" and "I Bet You I Can Tell You Where You Got Them Blues". Most of these are underway, though I'll be honest, it's going to be a while before heavy lifting's done on this one.

One-offs, micro-run releases and demos spanning from 1996 to 2003 are always being remixed and remastered for reissuing. There's a lot of them and I want you to hear them. Thing is, I only have copies of some of these releases on cassette tapes that sound like they spent a decade in a neutron star.

The good news
is that I keep everything, so I've got the master tracks and/or dub masters for everything... somewhere. As those original masters are located, organized, cleaned up and mixed, I'll rerelease them on Bandcamp and announce it on the site.
games in progress

The movement engine, the player sprite, the back story and some background graphics are finished for a combination top-down shooter / 2-D platformer I've been working on since October 2017 in (microscopically) small bursts. There's no level designs outside my own brain yet, no music, placeholder sound effects, you get the idea, it's very early in the process still, though not so early that I can't toss a screenshot up there of it.

Its working title is "Reactor" and you can probably count on that to change, though I've been wrong before on things like that. Give me some time to throw together a few rooms and transitions, and I'll put a playable engine concept demo up on the site for you.

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