November 16 2015
New Banjo EP released: Bango
Promised since 2010, stupider and grosser than ever, it's me and Scott Blanchard's idiotcore metal project Banjo's latest release
November 12 2015
Lost 1997 Demo Exhumed, Revived
We recorded tracks for a demo in 1997, didn't know how to mix them when we got them, and the tapes got forgotten. I found them a couple weeks back, mixed them, here they are!
October 28 2015
Not-Podcast #10: Life After Targeted? Not A'tall!
In our latest Not-Podcast, we talk Targeted: the screenings, the DVD features, and what's next for the project now that the film's released.
October 21 2015
Targeted now for sale
You can now buy Targeted on DVD or on streaming HD video via VHX!
October 12 2015
Re-re-returning to the Picklescoop Podcast!
Archived from the live broadcast October 11th, I'm back with Pickle and company to talk about the Targeted screenings! And a lot of other things as usual.
October 1 2015
It's New Orleans: Happy Hour podcast
I return for my seventh appearance on the local podcast that brings together complete strangers for conversation and music, joined by Ross Karpelman and Addy Najera!
September 25 2015
New Pop Culture Revolver Podcast Episode
We talk about video game series evolution in this new episode of Pop Culture Revolver
September 10 2015
Targeted movie trailer #3
It's the final movie trailer for the Targeted project! This one shows off the B script.
latest music: Nov 16 2015
Banjo: Bango
Banjo: Bango (2015)
Promised since 2010, stupider and grosser than ever, it's me and Scott Blanchard's idiotcore metal side project Banjo's latest release!
latest film: Oct 21 2015
A pair of no-budget independent western short films sharing characters and settings: one following a man whose pride gets him in the worst trouble, and another that was written by a seven-year-old.
latest video: Sep 10 2015
Targeted Movie Trailer #3
The final trailer for the Targeted project, this time highlighting the outlandish B script.
latest podcast appearance: Oct 28 2015
The Not-Podcast #10
In our first intentionally recorded Not-Podcast, we talk about how the Targeted premiere screenings went, the features on the DVD, and what's next for the Targeted project.
latest game: Jun 23 2011
Black Lodge 2600
Help Agent Cooper escape in this Atari-ish chase game based on the last episode of the Twin Peaks series! Mildly authentic 2600 A/V with authentic 2600 frustration for PC and Mac.
latest book: Nov 1 2010
Frog Dell's Junkyard
A political satire that requires (and prefers) no prior political knowledge. Jalopies, conspiracies, extreme billiards, and mad artists wait for you to read about them. $2.99 on Kindle, $6.29 in paperback.
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November 8 2015 @ 8am
New Orleans, LA - PurpleStride @ City Park
November 28 2015
New Orleans, LA - private event
December 5 2015 @ 10pm
Houma, LA - Brick House Tavern

music in progress
Six albums
A new demo for The NOLA Treblemakers is in the process of being recorded. Selected tracks include "Cry To Me" so far (more to come soon).

Another Speakeasy Serenaders LP is coming! We'll know what we're putting on it once we get together in the studio so stay tuned for our selections.

An acoustic album with a mix of minimalist vocal-driven songs and lush, thickly orchestrated low-key numbers is currently being recorded. Songs include "Ascent", "Iso", "Broken Joe", "Midnight Was Always Too Early", and "Afterword".

The next four Jak Is A Four Letter Word volumes are currently being recorded. Among the finished tracks are "Next Day Comes Hard", "Fever Dream", "/ Glut / Rut / Cut / Shut /" and "It's Still Too Early To Deal With Last Night".

Also in the works is a collection of songs with a vaudevillian flare, many of them I composed and performed for burlesque and variety acts over the years. Songs on this one include "Cirrhosis", "Pastel Currency", "Raffle Song", "Glass Medusa" and "Narcissus Stomp".

The follow-up to 2014's rock album "Action Packed Self-Destruction" is being written and recorded. Planned tracks include "Earworm", "Some Kind Of Beautiful Racket", and "Cyanide".

music in progress
Remastered releases
Releases and demos spanning from 1997 to 2002 are currently being remixed and remastered for reissuing as the original master tracks are located, organized and cleaned up.

project in progress
The Targeted project
Targeted is a no-budget independent western film that Jak and company made. In addition to the already released movie and soundtrack, it will have numerous other tie-ins including a video game and humorous novelizations! Click above to get to the mini-site where you'll find information and regular updates on the progress of the project.