0243 Feb 20 2017: Feature interview + "The Junkyard Capital" available in paperback & hardcover!
Novel now available in paperback / hardcover, interview in Sonic Boom! Magazine

0242 Feb 3 2017: Novel released this week + six months of catch-up!
A new novel, three experimental EPs, three podcasts, and two videos

0241 Aug 9 2016: New album "Over" released today!
Nine new downtempo dark psychedelic folk tracks

0240 May 9 2016: Watch the "Targeted" series, now up on YouTube
The final form of Targeted is here!

0239 Apr 5 2016: All releases now on YouTube, Targeted arrives next week!
All recordings, Targeted arrives next Monday, new game playthrough video

0238 Mar 16 2016: Spring shows, Targeted next month, project updates
Lots of new shows, Targeted next month, game playthroughs

0237 Feb 18 2016: Upcoming albums + "Targeted" comes to YouTube in April
Next LP, next EP(s), podcast appearance, the Targeted project shifts gears, shows and games

0236 Jan 19 2016: Things to come: music and games
Music, video plans, games, early early engine test. Play two kinds of demos in this email

0235 Dec 30 2015: End-of-year wrap-up hyphen-fest
Everything that got released this year!  From my projects I mean, not from the entire world, that would be insane.

0234 Dec 14 2015: New music from The NOLA Treblemakers!
14 all-new recordings from our early rock'n'roll project, The NOLA Treblemakers! Lots more music coming in the next few months

0233 Dec 07 2015: That movie we made and how to see it
Watch our no-budget western film experiment "Targeted", out now on DVD and digital streaming / download! Post-premiere podcast and where to find more information for what's next for the project

0232 Nov 30 2015: Three new albums, and more where that came from
Latest releases: A soundtrack, a lost demo from 1997, and the latest Banjo EP

0231 Nov 24 2015: The Jak Locke Mailing List Returns!
Weekly(-ish) updates on new and upcoming content and appearances